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Whether you’re boating, diving, snorkeling, or enjoying other water sports you want to make sure you’re safely covered in case any harm should occur. Security National’s Diver’s Insurance provides an array of offerings that can give you peace of mind so you can focus on one thing – enjoying your favorite water activity.APPLY Online Now!


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Great Coverage Options

Select the best affordability and protection for you, from our array of coverage options. Mix and match service levels to suit your needs. Below are some of our most popular plans.

Typical Diver’s Coverage
Class A: Decompression Treatment
Class B: Diving and Snorkeling
Class C: Ambulance and Evacuation
Online Payment Service Fee: $3
Combined: $43 Annually
Typical Water Sport Coverage
Class C: Ambulance and Evacuation
Class D: Water Sport and Boating Injuries
Online Payment Service Fee: $3
Combined: $28 Annually

More comprehensive descriptions below. Please email or call us at (800) 288-4810 if you have questions not answered in the Common Questions page. Coverage available for residents of the US and Canada.

Class A Coverage | Decompression chamber treatment.

Covers all expenses related to the treatment in a decompression chamber. This coverage is vital for all divers because most group health insurance plans either have exclusions or have coverage limits so low that you’ll end up paying most of the bill if you need to be treated in a chamber.

Class B Coverage | Other injuries sustained while diving or snorkeling.

Covers all other injuries sustained while diving or snorkeling, including cuts, bites, stings, broken bones and common ear problems. Coverage begins when you break the surface of the water and ends when you leave the water. This is especially important if you do not have a comprehensive health insurance policy.


Class C Coverage | All air ambulance and emergency evacuation expenses.

Since this is usually not covered by group health insurance plans, it is essential for divers. Non-divers are also eligible for non-dive related injuries.


Class D Coverage | Other water sport or boating injuries.

Covers injuries sustained while skiing, sailing, fishing or recreational boating. Injuries while jet skiing, boat racing and parasailing are excluded. Both divers and non-divers are eligible for this coverage.


Terms & Conditions


Must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada to qualify.

Minimum Coverage

You may choose any combination of coverage as long as it meets the minimum requirement of $25.

Service Fee

A $3 service fee is charged for all online and phone purchases. The advantage is that you may obtain immediate coverage.


All benefits are subject to the deductible. The deductible is 5% of covered charges plus the amount payable by any other coverage. DSI is secondary coverage only. We will pay benefits only after other coverage. If other coverage is also secondary, we will pay our pro rata portion of benefits.

Covered Diving Accident

(Classes A and B) Accidental bodily injury sustained while SCUBA diving or snorkeling. Coverage begins when you enter the surface of the body of water and ends when you exit said body of water.

Air Ambulance and Emergency

(Class C) Divers and non-divers are eligible for this coverage.

Covered Non-Diving Accident

(Class D) Accidental bodily injury sustained while engaged in a covered recreational water sport or boating activity other than SCUBA diving or snorkeling.

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About Divers Security Insurance

Diver’s Security Insurance was formed by divers for divers in 1987. It continues to be operated for divers by divers. Since 1987, we have insured tens of thousands of divers across the world and continue to be the industry leader in providing divers and water sports insurance. DSI is a division Security National Life Insurance Company.